Create! Eugene paintout


What I would have entered into the competition but would it be understood? I doubt it.

Instead I was working on this one:


But it ended up being scraped out without enough time to reconstruct it.  Nobody was around to slap the paintbrush and razor from my hand.  Such is life.  The curved road was bothering me but now I kind of like it.  The sky was much more dynamic, in reality, more threatening and dark…so I was also working on that when it fell apart.

What am I after?

I am really reaching deeper down to pull off something that I only have a vague idea of right now.  I want a landscape to be unconventional and more that a copy of the image before me.  “After life” (dal vero) for me is much more than copying nature. One has to add poetry and empathy, spirituality and all that.  Self expression but only to a point.  It is a delicate balancing act.


To “penetrate the veil” requires a type of artistic scuba diving that most are unwilling to attempt.  To go deeper is risky because many a good painting might have to be sacrificed on the plunge.








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